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DRONESTHATWORK is uniquely qualified to be a World Leader in drone based inspections. Our Program Director, Wendell Adkins, has extensive experience in Nondestructive Testing, Construction Management and Quality Assurance, having spent a 35 year career managing these duties for a multi-billion dollar U.S. Electric Utility.

Add to this impressive resume, 35 years experience designing, building, maintaining and piloting advanced UAS in international competition and as a consultant for the defense industry. 

DTW Owner Leisa Adkins also has 35 years experience in drone deployment. Leisa's duties include contract management, scheduling, estimating and related commerical issues,

For over 10 years Wendell and Leisa have successfully grown their first drone endeavor, Perfect Perspectives, to be a highly respected leader in the motion picture and television industries. It made perfect sense to also leaverage Wendell's power industry and drone knowledge synergistically to form their latest effort - DRONESTHATWORK.


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